Absences/Excuse Notes

A written excuse note is needed for all student absences. This is in addition to telephoning the school that morning. An automated telephone call will be made to your designated phone number to report the absence of your child if we have not heard from you. Another call will be made after a few days if we still have not received an absence excuse note. You do not have to wait for a "Report of Student Absence" card to come home, a note can be written on any type of paper. If a written excuse note is not received within five days , the absence will be coded as unlawful.

Ten or more absences from school (whether it is excused, unexcused or unlawful) is considered excessive. A letter will be sent home notifying you that a doctor's note will be required for all additional absences. The absence will be marked Unlawful if a doctor's note is not received.

Please be reminded that after three (3) Unlawful absences, a citation may be filed with the district magistrate.