Birthday Cake

Each morning during announcements, we name those students who are celebrating a birthday and they receive a birthday pencil from the office. All summer birthdays are called the last few days of the school term so no one misses getting their pencil.

Please contact your child's teacher for what is allowed in terms of birthday celebrations. We must adhere to the Health Advisory Guidelines and our district wellness policy. Cupcakes and candies are no longer permitted.

This policy is also in effect for holiday celebrations. Check with Friends of Fawn PTO to join in providing healthy holiday snacks to each classroom.

A birthday/holiday favor or activity may be a better alternative. Please check with your child's teacher for other suggestions.

Be reminded that birthday or holiday invitations cannot be handed out at school. If you need addresses or telephone numbers of classmates, be sure to add your name to the PTO's School and Classroom Directories at the beginning of the school year.